Welcome to the Pennylane Developer Hub 💚

Whether you are a customer or willing to become an integration partner, this documentation is here to guide you through our different API features and get you started quickly!

Our API currently has two versions, with different features. We are migrating all features endpoints to a single version in 2024.

V2 API reference (Accounting) : https://pennylane.readme.io/v2.0/reference
V1 API reference (Invoicing) : https://pennylane.readme.io/v1.0/reference

Who are we ? ✨

Pennylane is the all-in-one financial and accounting OS for SMEs & accounting firms. From customer invoices creation to VAT declaration, we empower French businesses to handle their finances & accounting in the same software.

We invest a lot in our connectivity coverage to automate data entry for our customers. Point of Sales, E-commerce, Payroll and many more integrations are available, thanks to our API !

Automate your workflows & get productive

Whether you're a business, accounting firm, or integration partner, our API allows you to automate many use cases : Invoicing your customers, Setting up billing subscriptions and getting paid via GoCardless, Centralizing your supplier invoices, Scaling your accounting structure…

Join our integrations partners Marketplace

Looking to expand your business and unlock new lead opportunities ? Our Marketplace is built with dozens of partners, from different industries, that are looking to make a difference for our customers. Our connectivity coverage is one of our biggest strength, and you can become part of it ! Reach out to [email protected] and tell us all about you.