You need to add a filter parameter to your GET request. This parameter has to be a JSON array of objects. Please refer to the filters main section to see how to build correctly the filter parameter.

Allowed filter combinations for billing subscriptions

FieldDescriptionValue(s)Available operators
statusThe invoice statusLook at the invoice status values beloweq
customer_idThe invoice customer idStringeq
startThe invoice issue dateString (ISO 8601)eq, not_eq, lt, gt, lteq, gteq
finishThe invoice deadline dateString (ISO 8601)eq, not_eq, lt, gt, lteq, gteq

List of invoice status values

stoppedA billing subscription that is paused
draftA billing subscription that is still in draft mode
not_startedA billing subscription with start_date in future
finishedA billing subscription that finished all the occurences
in_progressA billing subscription that is currently running