Pennylane's API is versioned.

Our version numbers are computed using a two part versioning scheme: {major version}.{minor version}. The major number is directly set in the url :<api-version>. For instance, our first version is available at:

This versioning strategy will enable you to keep track of the smaller updates that happen on Pennylane side (we'll usually only change the minor version), as well as the more significant ones (we'll change the major version number). A major version change will most likely mean an update of the API version on your side.


API Depreciation Strategy

When we decide to deprecate a specific version, we will notify you by email at least one month in advance.

All of our API responses include the header Api-Version-Expires-At. If you are on the latest available version, this header should be empty. If you are on an older version, this header will have an expiration date. As soon as the expiration date is reached, the version will no longer be supported.